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Maternity Images

The Maternity Experience
Pregnancy is the most special and unique time in your life. As a maternity photographer, our goal is to create beautiful and timeless art to be treasured for years to come. Allow us to document your wonderful journey.
Our Style
Our photography style is elegant, classic and timeless. We love photography that is simple and clean and I think that is visible in our work.
Maternity Sessions are typically done between 30 and 37 weeks, but if your schedule does not allow for that we would be happy to work with you on the timing right up to your last few days of pregnancy.  Feel free to contact us as soon as possible to book your Maternity photography session. 
After you book your session, we offer a free consultation over the phone or email (
Your Maternity Session
We also encourage you to have your hair styled and make up done before the session. We recommend creating soft natural waves for your hair and a touch of natural make up for your face.
Once your session begins, we will be gently guiding you to create an image which truly captures natural beauty of your pregnancy. Even if its your first professional photography experience, our goal is to make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed as well as beautiful and empowered at this special time. We will also make sure your photographs reflect your natural feelings without looking too staged or too posy. We want to present you with final images that will be passed down through generations.
What to Wear
Specializing in timeless Maternity photography, we think that beauty of pregnancy is being best captured in the most organic way - nude or semi nude. A beautiful selection of sheer and silk draping is provided for your session. Most of our clients love to capture the combination of artistic nudes and less revealing or fully clothed portraits. You may bring anything you feel comfortable wearing. We recommend bringing a formfitting bodycon dress, lingerie, maternity skirt or pants, bandeau top, etc. You can bring various accessories such as jewelry, scarves, flowers, hats, etc. After reserving a date for your session we will provide you with the "What to Wear" advice so that you can have a better idea of what to bring to your maternity session.
After Your Session
Your maternity portrait session is only the beginning of creating these precious memories. Following your session, we will spend an extensive amount of time selecting and post-processing the best images. We want you to treasure your final images. As you'll see in our Maternity Portfolio section, each image is carefully and tastefully edited into a unique work of art.
We take retouching and post-processing seriously and we can completely transform the image into a photographic work of art. We will make sure you will enjoy and treasure your final images.